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Why Choose Us?

There seems to be a gap in Spain between Independent Funeral directors, offering plans at a good price but lacking the security of an Established Trust or able to cover a client overseas and Providers who seem to charge more than necessary. We want to be right in the middle and offer the best of both worlds. Our best priced plan is only €2,350 and does the essentials.

Cremation or Burial?

If you are unsure whether you want to be buried or cremated, don't panic. We can cater to both, and the plans can be changed at any time. The difference being we cannot provide your burial plot or niche.

Can I Cancel?

With all our plans we offer a 14-day cooling off period, you can cancel and receive a full refund. If you decide to cancel after this or your family decide not to use our services at the time, we will provide a refund minus our €500 cancellation fee.

Age or Health Check?

There is no age limit or health checks, anyone over the age of 18 is entitled to a pre paid funeral plan.

Can I Arrange A Payment Plan?

All our plans are payable in full or up to 5 years interest free. The interest free periods are based on initial deposit. The higher the deposit the less your monthly repayments will be.

Are You FCA Regulated?

The FCA doesn't have jurisdiction in Spain, we are required to follow the "/1997 Law for Funerary Services and general Spanish consumer Law. If you move to the UK permanently, we will transfer your plan at no extra cost to one of our many partners in the UK who are now fully FCA regulated.

Do You Cover All Costs?

All of our plans will ensure that all necessary costs are covered. The only caveat is if you family wanted us to use a funeral director that we have not previously agreed with you.

What Happens If I Move?

All our plans offer the equivalent service in Spain (including the Islands), Portugal, Republic of Ireland and the UK. If you moved to the UK, we would transfer the plan to one of our many partners at no extra cost to you.

Is My Money Safe?

We do not hold onto your funds ourselves. In the same way funeral plans are operated in the UK we will place your funds in a separate account to safeguard in case anything happened to Compare Funerals.

Can I Transfer The Plan?

This is one of our most frequent questions. The answer is yes. You could name 2 people on one plan however if you had a friend/family member pass away we can transfer the plan into a 3rd parties name.

Why Should I Buy A Plan?

Funeral costs in Spain have risen 88% over the past decade. A major incentive to get a plan in place is that it will secure your funeral cost for even lower than the prices of today. Without a plan in place, you may not get access to assets until the costs of the funeral have been covered. In most instances, the funeral will not occur until the funeral director has received the full fee. This can result in expenses of keeping the deceased of between €150 and €200 a day.

What Happens When I Die?

All Your family member or representative will need to do is; contact our 24-hour helpline on the plan certificate, we will then contact the Nominated Funeral Director who will be with you as soon as possible, we always aim to be with you within 3 hours of initial contact.

What If I Die Before I Have Fully Paid?

If there is any outstanding balance we will still collect you and the family will have a choice; Clear the remaining balance or we will refund what has been paid minus cancellation fee.

Insurance or A Pre Paid Plan?

With Insurance;

-You can end up paying more into a insurance than your family would ever get out

- Insurance doesn’t put the arrangements into place, your family will be left with this added stress

With a Plan;

- A Funeral Plan Guarantees the cost of your funeral no matter how long you live

- Once you have paid for your funeral you stop paying and have complete peace of mind

- A funeral plan allows you to put the arrangements in place, all your loved ones will have to do is make one simple phone call, we will take care of the rest

Do We Have A Repatriation Plan?

Yes, We can repatriate you to any country with a International Airport. We can also help with arranging a funeral in certain countries

How Do My Family Know Who To Call?

You are provided with our 24/7 emergency contact number. This is on your plan certificate, we also provide you with cards to keep on your person and give to friends. The cards also contain our emergency contact number

Is My Plan Upgradable?

Yes, all plans can be upgraded at anytime.

Is Paperwork Included?

Yes, your family will receive death certificate in Spanish and a international one in English. We also provide a cremation certificate that allows the ashes on board a plane.

Can My Ashes Be Sent To Another Country?

Yes, we can arrange for the ashes to be couriered aboard. This does incur an extra cost, please ask us for more information.

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